Hi, I’m Missy

Our story begins with a cookie full of toffee and chocolate. Created in the warmth of my home kitchen, it is one of our favorite cookies. It only has one problem: it is Ugly. This cookie became the inspiration for a cookie shop we opened named Missy’s Ugly Cookies. After a year of success but too many days away from my children, we closed the shop. Our motto in the cookie shop was “Taste Before Beauty.” It is our inspiration as we create treats that taste good, before they look good.

We hope you find the chocolate cake that makes an ordinary day extraordinary and the chocolate chip cookie you bake when you need a cookie fix. We hope you find the apple crisp for the apples on the backyard tree, the perfect mixed berry pie for those berries you just had to buy at the farmers’ market, and the rocky road fudge you take on a family beach vacation. 

Our focus is on homemade food that tastes delicious. We hope to provide recipes that you count on for taste – not just beauty. We enjoy our meals filled with fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables and our desserts decadent and full of flavor, and we want to share all of those recipes with you. We hope that your family is brought together for home-cooked meals, that your friends ask for your recipes, and that you find treats that taste as good as they look. May your kitchen be warm, your apron a bit dirty, and may your taste buds be delighted.

Happy Baking and Food Delight Making!



Hi, I’m Missy. Welcome to Taste Before Beauty. For 28 years I’ve been developing recipes that taste delicious, before they look delicious.

taste before beauty kenzie with maren


My daughter-in-law always encourages the family to try new recipes. She is a relaxed home cook, adding a little of this and that. She brings laughter, hard work, and fun to the family kitchen, and she has a minor in nutritional science.

taste before beauty camry in yard


My eldest daughter spent years at my side in the kitchen and countless hours in the cookie shop. She can whip out multiple batches of cookies in a flash and then package them literally blindfolded. She is quick-witted, keeps everyone smiling, and can ballroom dance circles around us all. 


taste before beauty kailey van dam with ollie in park


She is the baby of the family. Kailey has been my cookie cheerleader from day one and is also a naturally gifted baker. She is our tech queen and designer and can learn how to do anything.

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